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2014 United States Business Predictions Expect “End of National Job Nightmare”

By shsmin
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Dec 9th, 2013

This is the time of year analysts, business gurus and stock market investment leaders predict economic changes and conditions based on data and inside information on projects and contractual agreements being set-up for the coming year. USA Today released a claim this week that the “National Jobs Nightmare is now over”. Based on contracts and budgeting for 2014-18, it appears that job growth is coming from all the right places: manufacturing, construction and government. The stance USA Today has taken is that the “jobs party could not begin” until these “laggers” joined in.

e-Marketer Reporter predicts that the 2013 number of 1.73 billion social networking users globally will increase to 2.5 billion by 2017.

Pinterest, already a holiday goldmine for retailers will be seeing a significant number of Brands jumping over to them in 2014. It is the smart move as Pinterest has become the driving force of traffic to sales, this network is ablaze.

In 2014 the three major “silos” will become social. Large Brands, Social media and e-Commerce will develop marketing media monitoring further and real-time data will be integrated to immediately learn trending and what products people share about daily on social media platforms.

Hedge Funds will not advertise during the Superbowl, they have been invited but financial they don’t need to advertise.

Short sellers will make a ton of cash when the market corrects itself by the end of 2014.

Alternate Mutual funds will continue to disappoint. But overall, heartier capital gains and economic growth will surpass the originally predicted 3 percent increase for 2014.

Business Wire released extremely positive forecasts from a “Top 10 IDC Government Insight Predictions Webcast” broadcast on December 5, 2013. Some areas of growth include the “four pillars”, Cloud, Mobile media, Social media and Big data will begin transformation of key government services through a dynamic “Mash-up”. Enterprise architecture will move “Primary Service Areas” to 20 percent of Cloud Services in 2014, to 45 percent by 2017. IDC Government Insights Vice-president and General Manager, Scott Lundstrom was quoted as saying, “In 2014, governments will focus more on innovative value creation, shifting the role of IT from back-end operations to citizen services. Performance management will be the new lens by which government services are evaluated.”

Big data and analytics will move from using test data “pilots” into top-decision making by 2018. Another “big cyber-move” advancing into 2018 will be government decrease in IT spending by 15 percent and redirected funds into the Cloud.

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