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An Important Acquisition in Real Estate

By shsmin
In News
Jan 4th, 2017

C-III Capital Partners LLC, a real estate investment company in New York, just acquired Resource America Inc. With this merger, C-III will be able to offer a comprehensive solution to clients with all types of real estate investments. This creation of commercial real estate services and investment solutions enables C-III to grow and move forward into the ever changing real estate industry for all types of commercial real estate issues. C-III has been named a special servicer of commercial mortgage loans of over 79 million dollars. They manage around 60,000 apartment units nationwide. With this addition, C-III clients are still guaranteed excellent services in all areas.

C-III Capital Partners LLC. has been a real estate investment management company that leads the industry with investments and commercial property service company. Under CEO Andrew Farkas, as one of the largest special servicers in the United States, C-III is dedicated not to working to correct defaulted CMBS loans. Managing over four billion in funds and services, C-III focuses on commercial real estate with debt and equity investments. C-III has over 375 offices worldwide. They employ around 7,000 professionals. With an online market as well as physical offices globally, C-III is one of the leading real estate companies.

Resource America, Inc., was an investment and asset management company that specialized in real estate investments. By measuring returns to investors, Resource America, Inc. became a leading company as well. With the combination of these two outstanding companies, there will be no stopping this company. Cornering the market with a combination of two of the best companies, this allows C-III push the limit of what they can offer to investors and clients. Both companies were leaders in their own right, and now with the partnering of these two companies, they have created a company that will take the real estate market by storm. Having all the benefits of two companies in one will appeal to investors and clients in future real estate deals.

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