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Peter Marino is Celebrated at Art Basel

By shsmin
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Apr 7th, 2016

During the 2014 Art Basel, there was a very lavish dinner hosted by Jackie Soffer to celebrate Architect Peter Marino. He was the recipient of the Design Miami Visionary Award. Marino was recognized for his large impact on design in the 20th century and beyond. He was also recognized for his achievements as an architect, designer, and collector. All of the big names from the design community where there to support this amazing designer in his time of glory. The beautiful architecture of the venue only further made this party one to remember. This wall all part of a large art fair in Miami, Art Basel.

This was a lovely event despite the rain clouds that ended up pouring down on the even. This didn’t stop party goers from having one of the best events that Miami’s art community can remember. Even with protests going on right outside of the even, spirits were not dampened. 73,000 individuals attended the fair, which made it a record number for an art fair in Miami. There were purchases of art that will be going to all different corners of the globe. The celebrities were also there in droves. From Sean Combs to Miley Cyrus, all the way to Dan Bilzerian, there were celebrities from all different walks of life. A statute even cracked after a drunken individual climbed on top of it. There was even a Picasso piece valued at 85,000 dollars that was stolen in a Hollywood-style heist. Overall, this was a fair that Miami will remember for many years to come.

Marino has made a great name for himself in the world of architecture and design. He is very well known for often wearing black leather suits. He has worked with many large fashion lines and their retail outlets such as Fendi and Dior. Marino attended Cornell University where he earned a degree in architecture.

Art Basel was the company that helped to stage this event. Art Basel has for many years been one of the premier hosting companies to help host high-class events such as these. In Hong Kong and Miami, there are no other companies that can stage these events quite like Art Basel. This company helps to highlight different galleries and the work that they have to offer. Since 1970, Art Basel has been helping artists and galleries find the success that they are looking to gain. This is a great help for galleries that may not be as well known in the main stream.

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