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Theatrical Club Presents Man of the Year

By shsmin
In Entertainment
Jan 24th, 2017

The Hasty Pudding institute of 1770 is a performing arts society that has its basis at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. The umbrella organization comprises the Harvard Krokodiloes, an a cappella group; and the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, best known for its Man of the Year and Woman of the Year award to an actor, entertainer producer or celebrity of note. The Man of the Year Award is a public event held annually in early February on the Harvard campus. Typically, festivities include a “celebratory roast of the selected person, public presentation of an iron pot to the honored person, a press conference, and a public performance of a planned work by the Hasty Pudding Theatricals cast. This year’s program marks the fifty-first presentation of the Man Of The Year Award by one of the oldest known theatrical organizations existing in the United States.

The Hasty Pudding Club has honored several notable celebrities in the past with awards for Man of the Year. They have included singer Justin Timberlake, actors: Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Neil Patrick Harris. The recipient this year, Ryan Reynolds, has an impressive background in the movie industry. He has experience as a producer and as an actor in drama, action and comedy rated movies. He is anticipated to have an active role later this year in producing “Deadpool 2.”

Ryan Reynolds has had main character roles in some of the following film titles:
– “Mississippi Grind”
– “Woman In Gold”
– “The Proposal”
– “Self Less”

His roles have included that of a lawyer, serial killer and grandson of classical composer, the late Arnold Schoenberg.

According to “The Harvard News Gazette,” Reynolds will receive The Man of the Year Award on February 3 in a ceremony to be held on the campus of Harvard University in the building named for alum Andrew Farkas, Farkas Hall. This is a ticketed event.

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