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Top Entertainment Ideas for Your Visit to the Cayman Islands

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Sep 27th, 2016

The Cayman Islands are universally known for their beautiful scenery. Filled with gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water, and classic tropical scenes, tourists from all over the world flock here to bathe in the warm, blue waters and gaze at the unique scenery. In addition, the Cayman Islands are also known for the jerk and BBQ flavors mixed with their famous BBQ. Furthermore, the Cayman Islands are also known for having some amazing entertainment ideas that everyone has to experience when arriving here for vacation. For a list of must do ideas, check out Dart’s must see list below!

1. Stingray City

This is world famous and a must do. Packed with entertainment from these classic animals, people of all ages will enjoy swimming with and petting these majestic animals. Located in about 35 miles of the North Sound, this area is home to around 100 stingrays that represent some of the gentlest stingrays on the planet. Anyone who has a fear of getting hurt by these animals can rest easy because these animals are very used to having people around swimming with them. People can come and check out these creatures on their own or book a tour for a more guided and educational visit.

2. Turtle Farm

This is the largest and most popular land based tourist attraction the Cayman Islands has to offer. With more than 500,000 visitors every year, do not miss what everyone has fallen to quickly in love with! If the visit is timed well, people can even watch the new turtle eggs hatch into young turtles. With so many turtles around, there are many different animals people can come and enjoy. This attraction even boasts a touch pool, a water slide, and a wading pool. Without a doubt, this attraction has something for everyone.

3. World Class Diving

The Cayman Islands are home to over 300 different recognized diving sites. For those with the scuba license, this is an experience unlike any other bound to have world class entertainment. There are so many different aquatic sites from animals to plants and everything in between that people can enjoy. Those who are ready to take the plunge will not be disappointed by everything the islands has to offer regarding diving sites. With water as clear as hyped and proclaimed to be, imagine the wide array of unparalleled views that can be seen from under the sea!

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